1/72 Zlin Z-181 „Basa“
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Scale: 1/72
Type: Aircraft

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1/72 Zlin Z-181 „Basa“

Plastic kit of the Czechoslovak post-war training aircraft Zlin Z-181 "Basa".

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Scale: 1/72
Type: Aircraft

Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann is a two-seat, single-engine, acrobatic monoplane developed by Bücker Flugzeugbau GmbH based in Rangsdorf, Germany. The aircraft was used in large numbers during World War II by the German Luftwaffe. The aircraft were used mainly in flight schools (Flugzeugführerschulen) and NFK to train young pilots.

At the end of the war, they were briefly used by Nachtschlachtkommando and Panzerfauststaffel units, which attacked ground targets. Bestmann's production took place in several plants, namely: Bücker Flugzeugbau GmbH / Germany, Fokker / Netherlands, Zlín Flugzeugwerke AG, Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, Hägglund, Soner AB / Sweden and after the war at Heliopolis Aircraft Works Egypt. The total number of Bü-181 Bestmann machines and its derivatives produced is 3,400 aircraft, many of which are still airworthy.

Model specifications:
• scale: 1:72,
• span: 147 mm,
• length: 105 mm,
• number of camouflage patterns: 3,
• difficulty: 3.

Required Humbrol colors:
• 19, 30, 65, 110, 127.

Must be purchased:
• glue for plastic models,
• brushes.

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