About us

The best of the modelling world for your customers too!

We have been part of the modelling world for 30 years. Bet on an experienced dealer with perfect customer service. Choose from a wide offer of resin, plastic models, photo etched parts, dioramas, modelling tools and accessories. We deliver the best Czech and other worldwide brands all over the world.  


Why become our partner

A wide range of models and modelling accessories, quality and great customer service – these are the basic pillars of our business. And how does this work in practice?

Choose what you like and shop without limitations.

You can also visit us in our brick and mortar shop in Liberec. As our partner, you can pre-order new products to make sure, that you do not miss out on anything. And like a bonus, to the selected kits, we will send you premium coffee for free ...

…because your satisfaction and the satisfaction your customers' is key to us.


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