1/48 B-25J Mitchell Glazed Nose - HK Models
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Scale: 1/48
Type: Aircraft

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1/48 B-25J Mitchell Glazed Nose - HK Models

  • Product code: 109-HKM01F008
  • EAN code: 4897041570380
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
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  • Manufacturer: Hong Kong Models
  • Hong Kong Models
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Scale: 1/48
Type: Aircraft

The B-25, built to honor the memory of General Billy Mitchell, was one of the most famous twin-engine US bombers of World War II. By the end of its production, over L0,000 B-25s, in various models had been built. Extensive in.formation can now be obtained through the internet, so we don't want to bore our patrons with a short form historical-lite account. Let's get right into building this model, one of the best surface-detailed B25s we've ever been able to offer.

 The instruction was written based on an experienced modeller's recommendation. We do understand while there are one or two logical sequence of assembly, each and every modellers have their own interpretations of order of building and painting. Therefor we recommended strongly that every proud owner of this giant kit study the instruction thoroughly, then follow their own ways and sequences in assembling and painting the modet Like many scale plastic kits in the market, this kit built around subassemblies. This is the best way to facilitate maximum ease of assembling and painting. Point to take special note is because the kit tried to depict the gear down position a,:; accurate as possible, one must follow the instruction in installing the landing gear struts. Finally we must advice be very careful with the using of sharp tools such as modelling knives, drills and cutters. Photo etch pieces are included so also be very careful with the use of super glue. It tend to stick your fingers together if used improperly.. If that should happen don't attempt tearing the fingers apart by brutal force. Use de-bonder from the super glue family to de-solve the glue or simply let the figure stick together for a short period of time and they should come apart with the help of the metabolism of the human skin. There are many model paint in the market but being a environmental conscious brand, we recommend using acrylics, the paint that is water base and done least harm to the environment. This is an c,omplex kit and will provide hours and hours of enjoyment. How ever, this kit is meant for anyone age 14 and over, it contain many small and sharp parts so keep it out of reach of smaU children.

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