1/35 VK4501(P)
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Scale: 1/35
Type: Military Vehicles

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1/35 VK4501(P) "Rammtiger" - Das Werk

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Scale: 1/35
Type: Military Vehicles

The Rammtiger is a German-engineered combat vehicle that is said to have been manufactured by diverting the body of the VK 45.01(P) Porsche Tiger for the purpose of destroying obstacles. The Porsche Tiger lost its chance to be the main German war tank in its competition with the Tiger I, but Porsche had already produced a number of bodies for it; in the end, they were used to produce 90 Ferdinand tank destroyers, 3 Bergetigers, and a very small number of command tanks. Three of the upper hulls were modified with rams to eliminate structures in urban warefare; it's said that the Rammtiger mounted to the body of the VK 45.01(P) was manufactured, but since the plan was canceled in 1943, it's a mystery as to whether or not any of them participated in battle.

Das Werk's model kit of the VK 45.01(P) Rammtiger includes tracks that are movable after assembly, with a movable suspension as well; the upper ram part is molded in one piece. Decals for four versions are included.


  • [Includes]: Decals for 4 versions

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