1/72 Bell X-2 „Starbuster“ 6674
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Scale: 1/72
Type: Aircraft

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1/72 Bell X-2 „Starbuster“ 6674

Plastic kit of the American experimental aircraft Bell X-2 Starbuster.

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Scale: 1/72
Type: Aircraft

The Bell X-2 Starbuster was an American experimental aircraft designed to study flight characteristics in the range of Mach 2 to Mach 3. Bell's design office designed an aircraft made of steel and nickel-copper alloys, equipped with an arrow wing and powered by a two-chamber XLR 25 rocket engine. the test flight took place on June 27, 1952, but so far without igniting the power unit. A total of two aircraft were produced, which performed 20 flights (7 gliding and 13 motor). The performance of this machine is still respectable today. The maximum speed attacked the value of 3370 km / h, while the aircraft was able to ascend to a height of 38,466 m above sea level.

Model specifications:

scale: 1:72,
span: 136 mm,
length: 160 mm,
number of camouflage patterns: 3,
difficulty: 3.
Required Humbrol colors:

19, 22, 33, 56.
Must be purchased:

glue for plastic models,

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