Scale plastic kit 1/35 Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6 - Border Model
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Scale: 1/35
Type: Aircraft

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Scale plastic kit 1/35 Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6 - Border Model

1/35th scale plastic model of a WWII fighter

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Scale: 1/35
Type: Aircraft

The Bf109 G-type was developed in less than a year to replace the obsolete F-type because the Allied forces had launched new aircraft one after another. Their goal was to improve its speed, firepower and bulletproof equipment, putting the pressurized cabin to practical use, and to make it adaptable to a wide range of missions with special equipment. More than 10,000 of the G-6 were produced thanks to the intensification of the war, making it the Bf109 with the highest mass-production number.

This kit from Border Models is a completely new mold! It features precise reproduction of the engine and interior. As a first-release bonus, one of the nine resin pilot figures shown will be included, along with metal parts and decals specific to that pilot! (These items are only available with the first release of this kit; if yours does not include these items, it was not part of the initial release.) 

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