Duke Hawkins: SIAI Marchetti SF.260 - (84 pages) EN
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Series: Duke Hawkins
Type: Publications

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Duke Hawkins: SIAI Marchetti SF.260 - (84 pages) EN


Series: Duke Hawkins
Type: Publications

Over 800 of the SIAI Marchetti SF.260 have been built and were in use with over 30 countries. Compact, agile and forgiving, this aircraft is ideal for pilot training. In this 84 page book, there isn’t a detail that isn’t included: cockpit - different versions of it - fuselage, wings, vertical tail and landing gear. Next to all the details, there is a lot of action in this book - it has some 250 photos in it!

Air to air photografy, action on the ground and filled with a lot of first information, given by pilots and technicians. We give you an insight into the different versions, from the initial SF.260M to the upgraded SF.260D.

During our visits to the maintenance hangars, we had the possibility to photograph many parts of the Marchetti SF.260 separately and in detail. Like the landing gear strut above. Of course, a close look at the cockpit is included, such as the one in the photo to the right, of an Italian SF.260EA.


The Belgian Air Force demonstration team “The Red Devils” flies 4 red painted SIAI Marchetti SF.260s. Ambassadors as they are, they are - obviously - included in this book.

Also included in this book is a closer look at the SF.260 TP - the version of the aircraft equipped with a turboprop engine and three-bladed propeller. In service with air forces of the Philippines, these aircraft can be equipped with weapons on wing hardpoints.

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