Duke Hawkins: Phantom II E/F/EJ, RF-4C/E/EJ & QF-4E (196 pages) EN
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Series: Duke Hawkins
Type: Publications

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Duke Hawkins: Phantom II E/F/EJ, RF-4C/E/EJ & QF-4E (196 pages) EN


Series: Duke Hawkins
Type: Publications

Probably one of the most iconic fighter jets in the world, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II was the first aircraft designed for the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. In this 196 page book, we focus on the landbased versions of the Phantom: the E, F, EJ, RF-4C, RF-4E, RF-4EJ and the colourful QF-4E target drone. In this book, every detail of the aircraft is shown, from the cockpit to the wings, fuselage or landing gear. This book is filled to the rim with high quality photos - some 500 of them ! - of aircraft from different air forces.

Separate chapters give a closer look at Phantoms of Greece, Iran, South Korea, Turkey and Germany. Action galore!

An extensive chapter is included on the QF-4E Target Drone that was used in the USAF. After their active career, many Phantoms were converted to targets for other fighter jets, shooting them down with life missiles. Prepare for close-ups!

As is tradition with our books, the cockpit is an important chapter, showing the cockpits of the F-4F, the upgraded Icaros I and the reconnaisance version of the Phantom II.

Some 30 pages are dedicated to the Phantom in service with the Japanese Air Self Defence Force. A lot of action, but also a closer look at the F-4EJ Kai upgraded version.

The JASDF also operated the Phantom in the reconnaissance role; not just as an RF-4E, but also converted F-4EJs, equipped with different reconnaissance pods. Every pod is included in this book!


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