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ASK Razor Saw - ultra and extra smooth asymmetric 70/43 teeth 2 pc.

ASK Razor Saw - ultra and extra smooth asymmetric 70/43 teeth 2 pc.

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ASK Hardened high tech RAZOR SAW - Made in the Czech Republic.

Constant tooth quality (depth, width, number) is what distinguishes this saw from existing traditionally produced saws. The saw is designed for very fine work - cutting plastic sprues and resin casting blocks.  Perfect for cutting flaps for repositioning and re-engraving damaged panel lines.  The saw is also suitable for cutting wood and thin brass and aluminium tube.
This is an innovative high-quality product.  The efficient setting of the production process enables a very attractive price - which opposes established standards, where a higher price means higher quality.  We have a product of the highest quality - at an attractive price.

Package contains 2 saw.  Each side of the saw has a different size of teeth (medium and fine).

Attention!  This product is not a toy.  Not suitable for children under 14 years.  Children should only use the product under adult supervision.

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