Paints: Acrylic paints

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Acrylic colors set Vallejo Model Color Weathering Set 73099 Train Weathering (9)

Model Color is a range of opaque and highly pigmented acrylic water-based colors, especially formulated for brush application on models and miniatures of resin, plastic or metal. Show more
  • Product code: 121-73099
  • EAN code: 8429551730990
  • Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Availability:On Demand
  • Manufacturer: Vallejo
  • Vallejo
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Paints: Acrylic paints
The colors cover extremely well and extend easily without concealing the most minute details of the figures or vehicles. All the colors can be mixed with one another and dry to a mat, even finish without leaving traces of brushstrokes, they can be diluted with water or Vallejo Thinner ref. 70524. For airbrushing it is recommended to dilute the colors with 50% Airbrush Thinner ref. 71261. Possible mistakes can be corrected immediately with water or alcohol. Once dry, the colors are waterproof and permanent. The range contains a selection of military colors with equivalencies to RAL, RLM and FS values, as well as metallic colors, glazes, transparent and fluorescent colors. The transparent colors can be applied directly for the tinting of headlights and signal lights, when diluted with Gloss Medium, these colors are ideal for tinting airplane or car windows (smoked glass). The glazes are used for a quick shading of the figure or model. Mediums: The Model Color range includes a series of Mediums which have been formulated to customize the properties of the colors. Glaze Medium dilutes the color and delays drying time, it is used for shading and blending, and perfect for working with pigments. With Metallic Medium the colors acquire a pearly or metallic sheen, and Crackle or Chipping Medium, applied between two coats of Model Color, will cause the top coat to develop fissures and cracks. Varnishes: Model Color varnishes can be applied by brush or Airbrush. They dry rapidly and do not leave fingerprints (no tack). Once protected by a varnish, the colors will resist oil paints, enamels and solvent based washes. Safety: Model Color is manufactured in accordance with European safety regulations as well as the US ASTM D-4236 certification, a guarantee that the product does not contain any ingredients which might be harmful to the health of the user or to the environment.
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