1/72 Sd.Ah 115 Flatbed Trailer (Tank Transport)
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Scale: 1/72

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1/72 Sd.Ah 115 Flatbed Trailer (Tank Transport)

Scale plastic kit

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Scale: 1/72

The Sd.Ah 115 trailer was designed for transporting light weight tanks such as the Pz.I, Pz.II, Pz.38(t) or Pz.35(t), but on its flatbed, it could carry any military vehicle of a total weight of up to 10 ton. To pull the trailer, heavy lorries Faun L900 or Büssing-NAG 900A were often used. Those vehicles were able to carry one tank on their platform and another one on the Sd.Ah 115 trailer. In field, a Sd.Kfz 7 half track vehicle could also be used to pull the trailer. The Sd.Ah 115 trailers were seen in service throughout the war, mainly during the Polish and French campaingns. They were used to transport military vehicles to the front line and also to remove wrecked or damaged vehicles to repair yards or even to move enemy’s captured vehicles.

  • until now, the Sd.Ah 115 has not been kitted in 1/72 scale yet
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