1/72 Messerschmitt Me P.1107
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Scale: 1/72
Type: Aircraft

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1/72 Messerschmitt Me P.1107

Plastic kit of a German jet bomber in 1/72 scale

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Scale: 1/72
Type: Aircraft

On January 25, 1945, Messerschmitt designed the P.1107 / I jet bomber. The P.1107 / I model was designed based on experience from an earlier Me 264 bomber and was to be powered by two BMW 018 jet engines mounted under the wings or four BMW 003D jet engines, or Heinkel HeS 109-011 in pairs - under the wings.

4 decal variants:

1. Me P.1107, KG 54, Luftwaffe, 1946 /alternate marking/

2. Me P.1107, KG 51, Luftwaffe, 1946 /alternate marking/

3. Me P.1107, KG 30, Luftwaffe, 1946 /alternate marking/

4. Me P.1107, KG 66, Luftwaffe, 1946 /alternate marking/


The steel and duralumin fuselage was to be taken from the Me 264, while the wings were to be made of wood. The chassis was to consist of two large-diameter main wheels which slid into the fuselage and twin front wheels, and the tail surface was to have a highly set tail space. Fuel tanks were to be transported in the middle fuselage and wings. A four-member crew, as well as radio and radar equipment, would be housed in a pressurized heated cabin. The offensive armament was to be a bomb weighing 4,000 kg carried in the hull, no defensive armament was designed. P.1107 / I was rejected by the RLM because they found that it would not have enough speed or maximum altitude to safely reach the United States.

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