1/72 Hs 126 „International“- Sabre Kits
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Scale: 1/72
Type: Aircraft

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1/72 Hs 126 „International“- Sabre Kits

Plastic kit from the production of the SabreKits company in 1/72 scale

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Scale: 1/72
Type: Aircraft

Henschel Hs 126 was a reconnaissance aircraft of the German Luftwaffe used during World War II. Two versions (A and B) were produced. Although primarily intended for reconnaissance, it could carry up to 50 kg of bombs and was armed with two 7.92 mm machine guns, firing a fixed MG 17 at the front and a mobile MG 15, which was controlled by an observer / shooter. During the later years of the war, it was used to tow gliders and for night attacks on ground targets. Eventually, it was completely replaced by Focke-Wulf Fw 189 aircraft.

Kit characteristics:

The kit includes decals for 3 decal versions.
Model specifications:

scale: 1:72,
span: 201 mm,
length: 151 mm,
height: 52 mm,
number of decal versions: 3,
difficulty: 3.

Must be purchased:
colors (on request),
glue for plastic models,

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