1/48 SAAB J29 F Swedish edition, injection molded plastic kit incl PE parts & Cartograf decals
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Scale: 1/48

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1/48 SAAB J29 F Swedish edition, injection molded plastic kit incl PE parts & Cartograf decals

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Scale: 1/48

Top quality plastic kit with surface details 2nd to none. Photo etched detail parts included. Decals printed by Cartograf.  


In 1946, the Swedish Air Force ordered three prototypes of a new jet fighter, called the SAAB J 29.The initial prototype of the SAAB 29 Tunnan (Flying Barrel) made its first flight on September 1st 1948, with the British test pilot Robert Moore at the controls. Saab engineering team, led by Lars Brising, had been allowed to review German aeronautical research documents from WW2, which had clearly indicated that delta and swept-wing designs had the effect of "reducing drag dramatically” as the aircraft approached the sound barrier.

The Tunnan was powered by the Swedish license built DeHavilland Ghost DGT3 gas turbine engine named RM2 by company Svenska Flygmotor. It was also armed with 4 powerful Bofors/m/47 20 mm (Hispano Mk V) aircraft guns.

These attributes made the SAAB J29 one of the most modern jet fighters in the world, alongside the American F-86 Sabre and the Russian Mig 15.

Tunnan held the largest production run for any SAAB aircraft with 661 aircrafts being produced with 308 aircrafts as –F version. The –F version included the -E version ”dog-tooth” wing and featured the afterburner equipped version of the Ghost/Svenska Flygmotor RM2B engine which produced 25% more thrust than the standard RM2 engine.

The J 29 was a fast and agile aircraft, serving effectively both as fighter, fighter-bomber, reconnaissance and target towing aircraft.

The fighter version was retired from active service in 1965 in Sweden.
30 J 29F Tunnans were also sold to Austria in 1961 where they remained in service until 1972.

This kit depicts the final fighter version J 29F.

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