1/35 T-72M2
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Scale: 1/35
Type: Military Vehicles

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1/35 T-72M2 "Moderna" Slovak MBT - Amusing Hobby

1/35th scale plastic model of the T-72M2 tank by Amusing Hobby.

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Scale: 1/35
Type: Military Vehicles

Amusing Hobby brings us a model kit of the T-72M2 Moderna tank! ZTS Tess Martin had been licensed to produce T-72M1 tanks for export since the Czechoslovak era, and when the country was divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993, ZTS Tess Martin began developing the T-72M2 Moderna. It's equipped with domestically produced ERA (explosive reaction armor) to improve defense, and the FCS (fire control system) is also equipped with computerization, laser rangefinders, infrared night sights and more. In addition, as a characteristic of this vehicle, one cannon is equipped on each side of the turret for anti-aircraft defense.

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